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Once I sat upon a promontory,
And heard a mermaid on a dolphin's back
uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath,
That the rude sea grew civil at her song,
And certain stars shot madly from their spheres
To hear the sea-maid's music.

~ William Shakespeare





Mermaid Galene, Water Faerie Naturalist

Luna moth

• nature educator
• singer/songwriter • filmmaker
• artist • fish trainer
• professional siren of sea, lake, and river

brings the mystery and majesty of the waters to you!



Mermaid Galene




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Along with her mertender/husband, Salty Stuart the Pirate (aka Stu Janis), Mermaid Galene (pronounced "guh-LEE-nee") (aka Diane Rains) provides original, educational, all-ages entertainment at venues of all kinds across the U.S.

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Galene and Salty Stuart

Shipwreck mermaid


        Meet Mermaid Galene. Her name sounds like "gull" (the bird) - "LEAN" (like when you're tilting to one side) - "knee" (a part on a leg, which most mermaids don't have).

        Galene is a water faerie. That means she's part mermaid and part faerie. Her home is in the ocean, in a City Beneath the Sea called Coral Town. Her close friends are dolphins, manta rays, whales, and especially seahorses. Her very best friend is Salty Stuart the Pirate. He is also her husband, so that works out well.

Luna moth

        But Galene loves the world above the deep blue ocean, too. Galene loves a prairie next to a musical brook, a graceful weeping willow with branches like a flowing ballet dress. She loves the deep, green forest, and especially oaks with wide arm branches, and towering redwood trees, which are lovely for hugging.

        Galene loves all the animals of the earth, and she speaks many animal languages. Galene talks to sea turtles and bright little shrimp, red as a tulip. She sings with meadowlarks and chitters with chickadees, and she's been known to swap jokes with a fox. She helps bluebirds clean house and mice find their way under the snow. She uses faerie magic to help flowers grow, so that butterflies and moths can thrive. Her favorite moth is the Luna.    

Luna moth

       Galene adores music, and she makes a lot of music herself. Rather splendid music, actually! Her favorite musicians are goldfish and pirates.

       Because Mermaid Galene is part faerie, she has wings! But she's not very good at flying, though she is taking lessons from a crow. Galene's very shy about flying, and she won't do it if anyone's looking, so don't ask her!



       Galene does have a little magic. It's Earth Magic. Unlike other mermaids, if Galene meditates quietly in one of the secret Places of Earth Magic, she can transform her tail into legs! But when she has legs, she can't stray too far from water, or she starts to feel sick. In any case, she can only wear her legs for a short time. If she has them on for too long, Galene gets very tired and has to go sleep with her feet in a lake, at which point her legs turn back into a tail!    


Tree frog

       Either way, whether strolling on legs or flipping in a tail, Galene loves this big, blue planet of ours called Earth. It's such an interesting, beautiful place. Would you like to explore it with her? Oh, good! Because you're invited!



Mermaid Galene is the world's only performing mermaid with a very fishy band, Neptune's Keep, composed of two people, two trained musical goldfish, and a dance troupe of live seahorses!

Through an amazing marriage of art and technology, Mermaid Galene's musical fish comprise an aquatic orchestra, playing a diverse collection of virtual instruments from electric guitar to jazz bass to orchestral harp. Our amazing fish have mastered literally hundreds of instruments, painting our music with a lush, lyrical, otherworldly yet accessible sound. This unprecedented collaboration between human and fish redefines musical beauty!

Animal Planet TV, BBC Radio, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and newspapers worldwide have featured our performing fish. Fish have hidden depths!

Note: For the comfort and safety of our animals, we do not bring live fish to Mermaid Galene and Salty Stuart events. Instead, audio and video recordings of our performing fish are seamlessly integrated into our live mermaid/pirate shows.



Bookish Galene



For the little folk: Galene's Storywings, a library performance series
Books, songs, and faerie mermaid magic

Will Galene appear as mermaid or faerie? Come and see!

Watch this page for our 2016 library schedule




Previous programs

Mermaid concerts

Coming up January 2016:

our City Beneath the Sea album release concert live-streamed on the web!

Visit Galene's Etsy shop for mermaid and faerie art, books, and music!

Faerie wings

Mermaid jewelry

Faerie headdresses

Selkie jewelry

Faerie jewelry

Sea creatures

Original Neptune's Keep music

book cover

Original children's books written and illustrated by Galene



Mermaid Galene's first children's book!

Mona Louise is hapless. That's what her brothers and sisters say.

According to them, seahorses should do things in the usual way. But Mona Louise does things differently. She plays with her food. Her dance style is awkward. She sleeps in a dish and hangs upside down and prefers the company of snails and shrimp. Mona Louise begins to worry that her hapless ways are just... wrong. But Massive Mama, their very tall caregiver, loves Mona Louise just the way she is — especially the way she is. And that makes all the difference.

Available for purchase on Etsy and Amazon.

As part of our Storywings series, Galene will read and sign her book at western Wisconsin libraries in 2016, with live music by Neptune's Keep!

Check the Storywings tab on this page for our schedule!

Would you like to see a Mermaid Galene Storywings program at your local public library? Ask your librarian to contact us!

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Second music album by Neptune's Keep!

Songs of mermaids, sailors, dolphins, and whales. Stories of love lost and won. Tales of sea people lost to time. City Beneath the Sea, the second album by Neptune's Keep, is a collection of original songs immersed in the theme of water — its inhabitants, its culture, its role as life blood of our planet. Songs both lyrical and humorous nestle in waves of hammered dulcimer, piano, and concertina.

And trickling through it all are hauntingly beautiful strains of orchestral instruments played by the creatures most intimately familiar with aquatic realms — fish!

Sleeping Mermaid cover art by Victoria Holman

Available for purchase on Etsy, loudr, itunes, and Amazon.




Galene Press donates books to
Little Free Libraries!

Now you can borrow and read Galene's books from miniature community libraries around the country!

Check the Little Free Libraries page for more info and photos!

Would you like to see a Mermaid Galene book in your own Free Little Library? Contact us!




Mermaid Galene and Salty Stuart the Pirate

Arrrguably the most unique entertainment troupe to sail the seven seas!

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